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GO 7800 thinks its a go 7800 GTX


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Hi there just found this great site and forum and hope I can get some help. I updated my vid drivers to 91.31. I followed all the directions and it worked perfectly except my Go 7800 now thinks its a Go 7800 GTX and I can not get it to roll back to previous drivers. I have tested it on 3dmark 06 and it works flawlessly getting 3000+ all my games seem to work fine just don't know how it thinks its another card? Is this safe???

Thanks in advance

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We can upgrade your Hardware with software patches :)

Seriously, this is not the first instance where the driver has been confused what GPU is in the laptop.

Wonder why this is.

I've just updated all the 90's INFs to the latest version give this a try.

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Just speculation but maybe the 7800 and the 7800GTX are only different by a few pipelines and clocks. I personally have only heard of a few times where this happens accidentally (a Go6200 into a Go6300), Rivatuner has something called nVstrap, where you can "load" a bios (instead of the computer reading from the card) and trick the computer into thinking it's a different video card. I do it with my laptop, FX Go5200 into FX 5500... however it is very safe, there is no advantages or disadvantages, other than you being able to say you have a 7800GTX now and being able to "prove" it :)

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What are you default clocks now that the driver thinks you have a GTX ?

This will give some clue if it is really fooled.

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