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Any solution to the mouse going off-screen?


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This is for the nVidia problem where the mouse can move and disappear off the right side of the screen. The other three sides behave properly.

There were a couple of threads about this problem but I couldn't find any working solution.

Did any of the newer drivers fix this?

In my system (XP SP2), the problem occurs with the Forceware 81.89 (Asus version) up to the modded nVidia 91.28.

In some cases, e.g. Proxomitron, its log window also opens up off the right side and have to move it to be able to see it.

I'm using a Dell 2405FPW at its native resolution 1920x1200. Single screen or two distinct separate screens makes no difference.

Could the widescreen ratio throw off the driver?


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I just set it back to single screen (it was in DualView mode) and the problem's gone.

The Proxomitron log screen comes up in the center, the mouse disappears just slightly off the right side (it's probably a matter of adjusting the screen dimensions except that the Dell doesn't let me -- No matter. The mouse is just a couple of pixels off).

Even another problem I had with ghosted balloons disappeared. (If I moved the mouse over the items in the task bar, they'd put up a balloon as they normally do. At the same time, for most of them, I'd get a ghost outline near the center of the screen. This occurred only if I had enabled the shadows under menus in the desktop's effects).

Nevertheless, it looks like a bug with the nVidia driver that's been around for years. I saw references to it since 2000.


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