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Guest LegoGirl


Please bear with me here, as I'm somewhat clueless when it comes to computer hardware!

I have an Acer Aspire 1522, which is on its third graphics card (shame on you Acer) and I think it has conked out again, only this time, I'm out of warranty and stuck with it!

What happens: The computer functions fine, except when the card is taxed, playing games, things disappear (WoW) or seem to go in super-slow-mo (CSS)

I wouldn't know where to start diagnosing problems, or fixing them so I'd really appreciate some help

PS. I've tried several of the drivers found on this website, but none seem to work. *Frustration*

Thanks in advance,


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Your video card is overheating. Two things happen to cause what you're seeing: the core video processor slows down to avoid frying, and memory errors start giving you the video glitches you're seeing (objects disappearing, etc.)

The usual solution is to buy a can of compressed air and use it to blast the dust out of the cooling fins inside the vents on the sides and back of your laptop. Also, if you're overclocking the card at all, try using the default clock speed and see if it helps.

Lastly, make sure the cooling fan in your laptop is working properly.

Good luck with it!

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