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Merom things to consider


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Just been ploughing the web for Merom info.

Here are some things to consider when buying one before official release:

There seems to be 3 steppings (models) of this CPU already:

T2400 as an example:

Clock Speed: 2.16GHz

FSB: 667MHz

L2 Cache: 4MB

Processor Socket: mPGA479

Revision: QLZT, B0-Stepping 4 - This seems to be the enigineering sample

Revision: QOLL, B1-Stepping 5 - This seems to be a Quality Sample

Revision: QTCE, B2-Stepping 6 - Another quality sample probably very close to final.

If purchasing ask to see the top of the CPU or a CPUz picture of the results in here you can see all the info for model and stepping etc

I'm not sure of the differences, but I assume the B0 settping is the one sent out to OEM's to play with.

Nearly all Meroms out there now are B0 stepping, I have seen some B1 and B2 steppings out there as well.

But these afford a hefty price as well the B2 is going for about US$200 more than a B0

Feedback encouraged on this CPU, all the info will be greatly received.

Hopefully this CPU will also kick start the x64 Windows revolution as this OS has been rather stagnent of late.

And get some drivers made for it, to make it worth shifting to.

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The Boxed version is showing up on some online stores, but they have to order it first then get it to their warehouse then ship it to you.

Type Intel T7600 in google...

I'm saving my pennies for the 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo (Merom) T7600. I'm creating a sweet Shuttle X100. So far the X100 is fricken awesome. I don't even hear it. Sometimes I have to check to see if it's even on. Heh

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