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Help with GO 7600, Alienware, and forceware drivers...


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I am a new nVIDIA laptop user, and am trying to update my Alienware m5550's video drivers.

I saw the thread:


and downloaded the appropriate version (87.25) and the modded INF.

HOWEVER, when I run setup.exe in the driver folder, I can NOT get the drivers to install. If I copy the modded INF into the driver folder and over write the original, or even if I DONT, I get the same error message "The nvidia setup program can not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware. Setup wil now exit"

Any suggestions? I have a GO 7600 w/ 256 MB that doesn't preform any better than my ATI x700 in my other laptop, an I suspect it's due my ATI always having the latest Catalyst drivers, and my 7600 being stuck with whatever Alienware sees fit. I'd also like to over clock the 7600 a few MHZ, and the alienware drivers do not allow this, even when adding the coolbits.reg hack.

Thanks guys

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Even if the 7600 drivers didn't squeezed every single drop of juice in the GPU, they are pretty close to the best you could get. Unless you have a pre-84.12 driver there is little to gain from "newer" drivers.

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I have a Uniwill P53Ni0-Notebook, which I think is the ODM-Basis of the Area 51 m5550 and I had the same performance problems with the original driver but was able to install the 91.33 with the modded inf. My notebook came with a 84.XX (don't know exactly) version of the nvidia driver. With this version installed i got about 1400 points in 3Dmark06. With the 91.33 version installed i get about 2200 points. I was wondering about that great difference but the original driver which originally came with the notebook definately sucks! :)

But I have other problems with my notebook, as I wrote in the german section of the board. My GPU has IDLE-temperatures up to 80 *C because the fan first starts at that temp to cool down the GPU to 70 *C. When I play a game like BF2, I monitored temps up to 92 *C. I think thats really a lot, maybe to much. But I was reading about the same heat-probs with many Alienware Area51 m5550 laptops too.

But the performance of this laptop is really good. :)

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And what's strange is that most m5500's are just as good as the 5550 and idle at around 55*C :)

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