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xbox controller for pc

Guest Kevin

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i got an xbox controller from my friend because i heard that you can use xbox controller for gamings on computer. But now, i try to find where to insert this controller into my laptop, i cant find...

do you guys know how to work this out

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You will need to get an extra xbox breakaway cable, chop off the end connector and replace it with a USB male A plug, you will solder the color coded wires together except for the yellow wire, which is extra, not needed for the controller to work, and it does NOT connect to anything.

Here is one page with some decent pictures.


You basically cut off a spare USB plug and replace the xbox plug with it, the wires from each should match up by colors, unless your colorblind.

You hopefully have a soldering iron to use with this, you can finish it with electrical tape or shrinktube stuff.

Then you plug the controller in, and hopefully it recognizes a USB hub and another device, then you need some good drivers, such as this one.


The bottem of this page shows the electrical connections that need to be made, you can also buy premade cables or look on ebay, or send me enough money and I can make one for you... :)


The nice thing about the breakaway cables is the controller will still work just fine on a regular xbox with another breakaway cable.

If you are creative you can solder all 3 together, I have a breakaway cable with a USB and xbox connector, although it would be a bad idea to connect both of them at the same time unless I make some sort of switch.

There are a few different ways to do this mod.

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You can also buy one at Lik Sang


This is easier if you don't want to mod one by yourself...

I bought an PS2 controller to PC convertor some time ago (already sold it, because I didn't use it anymore... made some profit out of it as you can't find it anywhere here in Belgium...). The service of Lik Sang is quite good, I hadn't got any problems etc. and the package was at my home within a week or something!

Good luck!

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Kevin is actually attempting the cable mod.

Since I couldn't find any good sites/pics of this mod, or the sites were down, I made a pic that kinda explains it, here it is.

Note on the ground I mention at the top, if you take the cable apart further the foil connects to the outer case of the USB and xbox plugs, so it IS a ground.


F34R MEH 4RT $K11L$!!!

Edit: If you take the actual USB or Xbox connector apart there is a good chance you will break it, so don't try that unless you have extras.

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Okay, I'd like to tell you the whole story about this experiment.

Basically I only had an xbox controller, USB cable(from an old mouse that i dont use), scissors and ducktape. Like Bill suggested, I followed his instruction(the fury website helped), but Bill's nice drawing really helped me to understand what I was doing. So just like what he said, i cut off the useless parts of xbox controller and mouse, and had to stripped them(now.. i didnt have professional stripping tools, so i had to do this by using scissors.. took an hour to do all the strippings for colored wires.) Stripping colored wires was pretty easy, but stripping the external wire(black wires you see) took a lonnnng time... I don't have any soldering iron or any of those fancy equipments, so what i did was just connect the coppers of each color and had to twist them. After that, I ducktaped all the exposed coppers and then finally, ducktaped the whole colored wires. I'll post a picture whenever i have a chance, but not right now because i am way too tired after doing this for 4 hours straight.

I had to install a driver for this afterwards, but it wasn't hard compared to all the physical work. Even though my new xbox controller is very ghetto, it works perfectly right now.

I just like to tell you all that if you don't have any professional kits like me/too lazy/too poor, do just what I did. It will work fine but it might take a while if you are new to this stuff. Having a tool for wire stripping should really help you if you have one because you don't want to accidently cut the whole wires(i acutally did it once.. but once is good for a beginner :) )

Also, I'd like to thank Bill for all of his support on the forums(drawing, i shall mention, very useful for all the beginners), and 1 on 1 support on AIM for 4 hours straight. He sent me project64 version 1.6(the whole folder) since my laptop could not run the exe properly.



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