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does sony have a new range coming out soon?


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hi, i have been looking at the the sony VGNFE21M for some time now, but i have noticed that many online stockest are not selling this model anymore. i have looked on others and there is a SONY FE21S whoch seem to have all the spec of the former, only its has a Intel Core Duo T2400 1830 mhz as opposed to a 2300 1.66.

thing is the fe21m comes with built in web cam and mic, does anyone know if the fe21s comes with these features?

and is sony coming out with a new fe range soon?


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this is totally unrelated to your question but.. here is my answer... dont buy a sony. For the price you pay, the performance isnt just up there. If you are not gonna game, fine. If you are, stick to a dell or other brands. I owned a sony fs15lp for just over a year, and I hated it. It was poorly assembled using cheap parts. I paid $2000 back only year and a half ago for a laptop with DDRI ram and cdrw/dvd combo drive. I also realized that the video card is integrated ( a measely geforce 6200TC with 32mb on board ram) which means it can't be upgraded. (btw.. 6400 or 7400 aint that much better, i recommend 7600 or up) Sony sux balls. But one good thing about sony, it looks good. Chicks love it. It makes you look like a rich, sophisticated suavy kinda dood. Right now, I am very satisfied with my dell m170. It's kinda big but.. its one hell of a machine. I am pulling some insane fps. Anyways, I hope you reconsider. I really didn't like my sony vaio purchase. If i could go back in time, I would have never bought it. I sold my sony vaio for $800 to a friend of mine last month (i can't believe it... not even half price.. it was practically new) anyways, lator~

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If those are the top specs for a computer, Its not a very good series.

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I have a VAIO FE 21M, and I'm verry happy with it.. couldn't find any negative points... Game performance is maybe not the best point, but I'm able to play CS Source, UT2004 and GTA San Andreas all at 1280x800 with everything on high and Anti Aliasing enabled... No FPS drops, and the laptop stays verry cool when gaming. Even after 3hours of gaming without a break, the fan stays quiet!

But if I was you, I should wait some weeks, because Sony should give their new models one of these days (planned september...)

If you have any other questions related to this Sony, you can always ask!

PS: the FE21S isn't available here in Belgium, so I don't know what the differences are. But if I'm right, you're living in the US ? if so, they have other models there than back here in Europe... You should check out the sony style site, because in the US you can customize VAIO's :)

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Just checked the US site, and i've seen the new models will come with an Core 2 Duo!! they also have an GeForce 7600, and they are now available with hard drives up to 200GB :)

EDIT: sorry, I've misseen your flag :P your from the UK!

Well in that case, I should wait some weeks, because the chance is HIGH that the next model of the FE Series has a Core 2 Duo + 200GB HD :)

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