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66.93 driver ok for TV output?


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I have a geforce go5200 and I am interestd if the 66.93 driver with Bill's updated infs will turn on the s-video output? :)

I have recently moved to Denmark and I won't buy a DVD player if I can just use my laptop.



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Since you probably have a local TV... save the 40?/$ that a DVD/DIVX player cost and get a real DVD player. The lowest price in my local super market for a DVD + DIVX player was 29.99 euros. (VAT included)

It will be far more efficient energy wise... and you'll be able to watch a DVD from a distant eye and still be able to use your PC. (read watch pron) :) Quality wise the european SCART connector beats the craap out of SVideo since it uses discrete red, green and blue signals.

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Thanks, will do.

I didn't realize that SCART connector was so good. Since it's so big and has so many pins I erroneously assumed it was outdated.

It's funny, my 11 month old son likes to pull on it and sometimes you lose sound, certain colors, or everything.

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Dàmn kids... my baby girl will be 6 months old tomorrow which leaves me another 3 months to duct tape everything.

The SCART connector allows daisy chaining... I have the VCR, DVD, Satellite, Set-top box hooked in a chain to the TV. You need to have 2 SCART connectors per periphals to do so... el cheapo DVDs usually come with only one so they end up at one end of the chain.

On your TV use the first SCART for DVD in RGB mode. The second card usually works with composite and SVideo signals. (the first does composite and RGB) So you'll get pretty much the best image you could expect from a DVD.

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