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Three Monitors with GeForce Go 6800?

Guest Scott

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System Information

Dell Inspiron 9300

1920x1200 WUXGA (on laptop)

GeForce Go 6800

Driver Version (as listed in Device Manager) (dated 03/22/2006)

Driver Version (as described in Dell's website) v.84.30 (released 04/12/2006)

Windows XP

I am trying to simultaneously run (3) displays using my video card. These three displays are:

1) The WUXGA LCD on the laptop,

2) a first 1680x1050 ViewSonic LCD off the VGA output on the video card, and

3) a second 1680x1050 ViewSonic LCD off the DVI output on the video card.

Thus, I am attempting to have the GeForce Go 6800 run all three displays.

I have all (3) displays plugged in. After entering the NVidia Control Panel --> Display --> Multiple Displays --> Change Display Configurations, I see that the system under ("2. Select the displays you would like to use.") recognizes each of the three separate displays and gives me (6) different options how I can configure any two of these three displays (i.e., in dual display mode). For example, I can run the two external displays or the laptop display with one of the two external displays (the other 3 options just flips which display is considered the primary). However, I am unable to run all three displays at once.

My first attempt to correct the problem was to go onto the NVidia website and update the drivers. After deleting my current drivers and downloading the new drivers (I tried both versions 91.31 and 91.47), I discovered I couldn't install them (for reasons I subsequently discovered, from researching this website, that have to do with the INF file).

Presuming that I update my current INF file, with a modded INF, which will allow me to use newer drivers, my question is:

Will any of these newer drivers allow me to acheive my goal of having the video card run all three displays?

Upon reviewing the NVidia website, under the "ForceWare software for NVIDIA® GeForce? Go," I discovered a mention of "NVIDIA® nView? Multi-Display Technology," which "provides the ultimate viewing flexibility and application control for multiple monitor configurations." This is found here: http://www.nvidia.com/page/forceware_geforce_go.html This gave me hope that I would be able to acheive this goal.

Second question:

If none of these news drivers won't allow me to run (3) displays at once, what are the other options I could pursue?

I understand that I could go through the process of modding the INF file and then try one of the latest files and find out the answer to my first question by myself. However, before I do something that I am not entirely sure I can do properly (i.e., there is a good chance that I can screw it up), I would like to know if these efforts will be worth it.

Thanks for your help!!!

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You will need a second graphics card to run 3 monitors, Nvidia has only ever made a very small amount of cards capable of running more than 2 monitors at a time.

It might be possible to use a docking station, I know the new M90 and probably 9400 or 9400 equivilient can use the dock (look for dock connector on bottem of laptop).

These newer docks have desktop PCI express slots, depending on the type of slot you could probably put a high end card in there to run a 3rd and 4th monitor.

You might have to cross flash the BIOS on your laptop to use a Latitude business dock, getting into some dangerous cross flashing there....

If your laptop can't run the PCI express docking stations then you could sell it and buy a nice new Precision M90, which I know can use the dock (or the Latitude equivilent).

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