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fx5200 overheating - what to do?


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Hi, I have my video card replaced under warranty. During update they installed a new version of drivers - (A05)

After some time I noticed that the card is running very hot - 75 degrees C - even when computer is idle. I reinstalled the drivers to the old version I was using before -

Now it runs at 57 C when idle and jumps to 80 while gaming.

But. I used to have a stable 75 fps in HalfLife 1. With the replaced video card I have 25-50 fps :) (It's fx 5200 go 32 Mb)

What can be the reason what can I do? Guarantee is expired. I dont mind it heating to 75 when I playing - but i really want it to keepunder 60 when I browse internet. Are there some programs to tweak that?

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same "problem" here.

FX5200 is getting reaaaally hot.

Using drivers 96.89 BTW, I'll try the 84.25 a try.

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The first thing to try is always to clean out the cooling vents on your laptops. Get a can of compressed air and blast all dust out of the cooling fins you'll find inside one of the vents on the side of the case (usually on the rear panel).

If you're overclocking at all, try returning to the default clock speeds. Many laptops have no margin for extra heat and overclocking pushes them over the edge.

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