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VGA stutter


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okay i have ahp laptop with an integrated geforce g0 7400, i tried to update driver to 84.63 and got the can not find such and such components to to fit the driver. then i found this place that suggested on one of the forums to use the nmw file this page can create. so i did so and driver update no flaws. I use dual monitors one being my 19inch laptop screen the other being a 37inch lcd tv. So i played around after updated driver on a game no problems. fell asleep with both monitors and everything on, woke up only one monitor is working the laptop one, try to reactivate dual monitor it wont detect lcd tv anymore. so i figured it was the driver dealio. so i rollback to 83.20 get the driver back but still cant select to do dual view anymore. so i then do a system restore to the previous night and i get back my dual monitor option, but now instead of giving me the crazy psx/1000 something something tv name it just says analog tv. and when i hook the vga cord up it makes my system stutter or pulse about every 2 seconds, at first i thought it was jus tmy mouse but it does it with games movies and what not pc just pulses and lags and repeats, i unhook vga pulse goes away. So i hook it up to my wifes laptop same make and everything except no previous driver tweaking. and the pulse is on hers as well so does that mean my vga cord has gone bad or my tv has gone bad, one more thing before when i connected the vga cord i would get the plug and play tone notification from windows now it doest give any kind of noise...

if you know anything please help

thank you


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Like my teachers said on my essays... unreadable.


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