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Somebody able to help me extracting drivers ?


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Is there somebody able to help me to extract the driver files out of this installer ?

I came that far that I extracted the InstallShield installer out of this custom Sony extraction/installer...

You can see on the attached screenshot what files I got (normal installer files), what I'm trying to do is getting out the inf files out of this installer..

Reason: I want to add the bluetooth driver on my Unattended XP Disk, because now I need to install the driver seperately after Windows is installed...

thx in advance!


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try breaking into the DUTCH .cab file (data-du.cab) with "WinPack v3.0 from Snoopy 81" (GUI) or download use i6comp.exe (commandline) seperately somewhere.

If that dowsn't work try the attached one (not tested by me). It was advertised for breaking into SONY files :) I once searched the internet for a "SONY breaker" to use it for a NVIDIA SONY driver, but then extracted the driver on our SONY laptop at work :)


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Yeah, I was able to open/extract them with winrar :)

the dutch cab file doesn't have any .inf files (only some dll's and a help file). The normal 'data.cab' DOES have .inf files, but when I try to install via the wizzard with that folder selected it says windows couldn't find any compatible drivers... :)

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