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World of Warcraft FPS issues


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I've been asking on the part of the site about drivers, but maybe there are some tricks or tweaks someone can recommend for WOW.

So far I have gotten Great Advice.

I think I have solved many of my issues.

Here is my system detail.

Dell Latitude D800

1.4Ghz Pentium M

1.5GB PC2100 RAM

NVidia Quadro FX go 700 - 128MB

WinXP Pro SP2

1280x800 WXGA

I downloaded and installed the recommended driver 84.25 and the inf.

I went into the performance and quality settings through the windows display properties and made a few adjustments.

The card is running great with one exception - again a WOW issue and a bit confusing.

Not sure if this a card thing or a just a quirky WOW thing.

When I am out running through low traffic areas like the jungles/forests/deserts/etc, my FPS rate is 15-25 fps, latency is betwen 70-120ms.

When I go into highly populated areas like cities and auction houses or I am flying, I should experience higher latency, which I do - 150-230ms, and lower framerates.

But that is the confusing thing - I am getting higher frame rates when I am in the cities and flying - usually 35-75fps depending.

I'm not complaining because the rate is great and I don't lag in high traffic areas, but in the lower traffic areas gameplay is just slightly choppy, but not laggy.

I recall reading somewhere that some of the video settings adjust to help/prevent the lag when in the cities - high traffic areas.

My question is why isn't this in effect continuously and is there a way to adjust my card settings to improve the lower traffic area frame rates?

Here is the list of my current settings from the performance and quality settings dialogue.

Maybe you can advise me on what if anything I need to adjust.

antialiasing application-controlled

anisotropic filtering application-controlled

color profile not available

vertical sync application-controlled

confirmant texture clamp on

extension limit off

hardware acceleration single display mode

triple buffering on

disables enhanced CPU instructions off

unified back/depth buffer on

maximize texture memory on

early z-test on

buffer flipping mode auto select

antialiasing line gamma off

antialiasing full screen gamma off

texture color depth use desktop color depth

enable stereo off

force stereo shuttering off

stereo display mode use shutter glasses

swap eyes off

enable overlay off

exported pixel types color indexed overlays (8bpp)

Thanks Again for all the help.


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Don't post the same thing in 2 threads.

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Don't post the same thing in 2 threads.


Just thought it would help to look for advice from a different forum that is focuesed on gaming.


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