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Where can i buy laptop 3d cards?


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Right now i have nvida go 6600 with 128 mb ram :) And i was wondering where i could buy a new card?

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You might want to ask youself:

- Does my laptop have a standard connector such as MXM for the graphic card interface?

- Do I really need a new video card?

There is an MXM section on this forum... go there you will find some answers.

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It has a MXM slot.

There's still some confusion about the type, but word is that a Type II would fit.

Don't have any upgrades for the 6600 right now (unless you consider 128MB -> 256MB an upgrade). I hope to have the 7600 available soon.

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is 7600 possible for my comp? :)

Depends. If you have a Type II slot, then yes.

btw, there's a remote chance we could set you up with a 6800, but again: you need to check the available space first. And the 6800 is less straight forward than a 7600.

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Amata 1559


I and II (?)

Actually Aopen 1559

Says on your site!

Not sure what the question is? Still about whether or not it will accept Type II cards? Please note the question mark, then :)

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Okey, how can i find out? just open it?

Yep. Check how much room there's available at the top, left and right. Take a picture if you can.

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