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External monitor in Vista..


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I have a Dell E1705 with a Geforce Go 7900GS and am having issues with the fn+F8 to allow an external screen to connect.

I currently have the system dual boot with XP and Vista RC1. In XP it works fine but in Vista I cant get the external monitor to display.

In Vista it does display during boot and even to the logon screen. However, once it loads the desktop it blacks out and only the Laptop display will work. I tried installing the driver from this forum v96.33 and used the mod INI file.

Any suggestions on how I can get this to work properly?

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Any suggestions on how I can get this to work properly?
Use an OS that is not still in major development.

Just because they are not calling it beta anymore doesn't mean it isn't one.

Although I think it now has all the features in it.

If the drivers work maybe you can use the display properties page to actually configer the 2nd monitor, but the drivers probably are not that far along yet.

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Thanks for the reply but telling someone to use another OS isnt a helpful comment. I know perfectly well it does work in XP. Im asking if anyone managed to get it to work in Vista yet.

As of right now the Nvidia control panel doesnt give the option for that in Vista like it does in XP. The Nvidia driver specifically is the cause of this as the dual monitor works fine in safemode and during boot until the Desktop loads.

Im hoping someone has found the cause, perhaps an INI change that can activate it.

When I get home I plan to check out the INI myself so if I do come across a fix Ill post it.

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I found that the newest vista driver on here just doesnt work right for some reason. It doesnt enable the fn+F8 so 2nd monitor will work.

Last night I tried using 95.64 + moded INI file from laptopvideo2go.com and it seems to work fine. I dont know if its performing good or not since I have no benchmarks on my vista system but it does seem to play SWG very well (smoother than in xp on the same computer).

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