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LCD cabling specs?


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Well, my trusty 1522 wlmi decided to die on me last month; fried mainboard, caused by an overheating nVidia GPU. Check the autopsy attached.

Now I decided to ransack it's corpse. RAM gone already, HD is now USB and portable, DVD-RW and battery going to my sis, and Wireless card on auction right now.

Now I'm left with the LCD. I decided to investigate, and I believe it can be used as a Desktop monitor as well.

My laptop had an aditional VGA output that was used on boot if a monitor were hooked on it. This led me to believe that the LCD uses the same standard.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyone has any kind of resource or ideas for that? It's such a nice widescreen LCD, no way I'm trashing it.



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Most LCD panels require LVDS signaling, which is nowhere close to compatible with VGA... except for some old types. However, if it's VGA it should be fairly obvious on the MoBo near the connector. Look for a set of small coils. Or send a picture and let me do it :)

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The VGA on the laptop has nothing to do with the LCD interface, it uses a straight digital signal, probably TDMS straight through a ribbon cable.

Might be able to convert to a DVI signal somehow.

The best option is to buy a controller board for the LCD. (like what would come in a desktop monitor if you took it apart)

Some are better that others, and some are very expensive.

You could get one of those and build a projector with the screen, how big is it?

I'll look for some affordable boards.

Here is an example of some that might work.


If you could tell us the LCD model number and all that stuff might be able to look it up.

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TMDS ís DVI except for teh I²C and hotplug part, but most panels use LVDS.

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