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Problem installing drivers Geforce 420go windows shutsdown

Guest Tim

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My laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite Pro series 2100 and I have only recently freshly installed Win Xp Sp3. It was a windows version I have downloaded with various tweaks.

I have been trying to update the drivers for my videocard for a while now since it is still running with windows VGA compatible drivers (which is complete s***). Everytime I try installing a driver with modded .inf, I use the Have Disk Method, at the end of the installation my screen flashes a Blue Screen of Death and it immediately dies. My computer will then reboot.

So I've tried various drivers, 47.12, 61.77, 75.90, 91.47 (official Nvidia release) and some more I cannot remember... I know the drivers that I can find here work because I have always found working versions via this forum :)

I have looked through the forum & searched but I really cannot find anybody with the same problem. I have found other users having different problems with their 420go Geforce drivers so I tried using the ones that had worked for them. No luck...

But there are some other peculiarities I want to note. In control Panel there is a Nvidia icon but not in my add/remore software list. It I try opening this icon nothing happens.

Uhm... When I ran NERD my pc froze. Still it made a logfile whcih I will post with my question since this might contain some relative info, I dont know?!?!

I would really appreciate some help and would hereby also really appreciate considering my question. So thanks in advance!



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Okay so I have just now tried installing 81.98 with the black bar fix modded inf that I downloaded via this query (you all probably know what I am talking about?!)

This time indeed the entire installation finished so I was ready to post that everything works... But it doesn't... When windows was booting it just rebooted and kept on doing that. I choose last configuration that worked. Now I will deinstall the drivers and I will wait for somebody to reply to my post and follow instaructions...

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Okay so everything was a disaster untill now!!! After I had deinstalled my drivers I couldn't help but try something else again. Now I have installed 67.66 and it works!! I had done it via the normal setup.exe file! I feared it might again reboot while loading windows but it didn't. My movies are again playing back normally with great fluency and everything works1! Jeej!

Sorry to post all this stuff here!! And thanks for all the great fixes and everything. These drivers have definately saved my arse a couple of times!!

Thanks a lot!

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