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Ever since i got my Dell Inspiron 9400 with the geforce 7900 GS video card, the OpenGL CAD program Rhino3D gives me an error with the nvoglnt.dll file error (thats nvidia's opengl file) if i turn off hardware acceleration it works fine (but its really slow)

After about 5 minutes of working in it, when I rotate the viewport, the error message pops up with that dll in the name.

I'm pretty sure its not the program, because it runs great on my old laptop with a Geforce 4 with 64 MB of VRAM

DOOM 3, and Quake 4 run good, and I don't get that error (I think they are opengl too)

I tried reinstalling the Dell drivers, and using that driver cleaner program, but i still get that error

so what drivers do you recommend me trying? I'm kind of overwhelmed with how many drivers are on this site :) I have no idea what one to try

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The Dell driver you are probably using is the 84.69... it's currently the best driver you could get for your hardware. Since the GPU is pretty new there is little options to run older drivers.

You might want to give 92.xx a try.

How old is your Rhino? I don't want to point fingers but OpenGL implementation of nVidia is PRETTY GOOD. Comparing very well programmed recent games and CAD software is not valid. Plus if nVidia adds a new bug in a driver they are more likely to test the driver on "reference apps" such as Doom 3, SolidWorks... it would be a good start to ask Rhino support some questions.

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Well, I know that Nvidia's Geforce line of cards utilizes a gaming optimized opengl icd. Their Quadro line of cards utilizes a CAD optimized opengl icd. Whenever a user installes a nvidia driver, the setup program uses the device id to determine what optimized version of the opengl icd to install. You could try using a program called Rivatuner (www.guru3d.com). It allows users to install a boot strap driver that alters the device id, effectively converting a geforce into a quadro card.

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Hey, I have been using the 92.xx drivers for awhile, and I have never recieved that error,

However when i close my laptop lid, the lcd stays on now.... anyone know why that would happen

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We solved that problem 2 or 3 years ago with the LidCloseSet registry setting for all Pre GF Go 6xxx cards. Unfortunately we have no data for the new generation of cards.

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