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HP Pav. 5240 w. Geforce4 440 Go and Vista


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I have a HP Pavilion 5240 (AMD64) running Windows Vista x64 with a Geforce4 440 Go 64Mb graphics card which totally refuses to work with any of the drivers provided here. I´ve tried drivers from both 80 and 90 series, and it seems to work while installing some of the (not using the setup program but using Upgrade drivers in Win) drivers. It doesnt complain or anything (except for the fact that the drivers arent signed). After reboot it says that the driver could not be loaded. If I try to use the setup application that comes along with the driver it says things like "You are not using Windows Vista, this application is only supposed to be used with Vista and will now quit....".

The Device Status states: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Has anyone got the same specs and been able to get it to work?

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I have a Compaq R3420 series with the same specs other than I have GO420 card. I tried running Vista X64 but could not get a correct video driver. I now have Vista X86 RC1 running and installed the 88.61 Nvidia drivers and the system recognized my card correctly but disabled it. I ran Windows update and it "updated" the drivers by rolling them back to version 72.30 DX 8.1. I get full 1280x800 resolution and everything works including the nvidia control panel. Bad part is no Aero and no DX 9.0. Let me know if it works with X64


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