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Vaio system lock ups and crash on vista


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On my vaio I experience issues with the Nvidia Vista drivers. The system seems to pause every few seconds, the graphics freeze and the mouse stops moving.

The same thing happens whether Im running the default vista provided drivers or the latest Nvida beta ones. The only way I've been able to get the system running stably is by forcing it to use the original XP ones provided by Sony.

Obviously with this, I don't get aero glass and games don't interact quite as nicely with dx10.

Im currently running build 5728 and I was previously running 5600. It did work ok on 5600 with the default MS wddm drivers, had aero glass, games ran great. Had the same issue on 5600 with the nvidia provided drivers, the screen would lock up and eventually would get blue screen.

Has anyone else experienced and know how to fix it?



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