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F.E.A.R on Inspiron 8200?

Guest Slick

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Any chance of driver switching to get F.E.A.R running on Dell Inspiron 8200? When attempt to initiate the game error message returns to my screen saying my video card GF 440 Go Mobile 64mb is not supported while in readme.txt it says it does.

Any tips?

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I run FEAR on mine, with my Quadro4 700 GoGL.

You might be able to run the game without pixel shaders (and it would look really bad), if you can find a way to edit the configeration file.

The thing is you really need a much faster PC to run this game.

Unless you have atleast 1 GB of RAM and a 2 GHz or faster P4 for your 8200 its not really worth it, especially on a slow fixed function card.

I will check the configeration file stuff, but you should probably go ahead and return the game, or run the game on a nice faster computer with a shader model 3 card.

The game is pretty good so I would recommend the latter option.

Instead of plunking down $300 (or more) for a quadro, go spend maybe $150 on some older PC and put a pixel shader 2 or 3 card in it then enjoy the game.

Edit: I just checked the game again and there is NOT an option to run it without shaders, you will have to buy the Quadro or run the game on a different computer.

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