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Heat on Inspiron 8200/Latitude C840


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I'm still using my four year old laptop, but one thing that's been annoying me for some time is the heat produced by the cpu, or rather the resulting fan noise.

My fans usually keep turning at 7000rpm, keeping the CPU at about 53-55 celsius, and the gpu at 60-61 celsius in idle mode. Room temperature is maybe 24 celsius. Dust was were recently blown out with canned air.

When upgrading to a P4-M 2.6GHz, I removed the thin foil and applied AS5 by the book. I had to put some alu part on top of the heatsink to increase the pressure with which the heatsink is on the CPU, because otherwise I could move the heatsink assembly very easily.

Still, the fans keep spinning, and the temperature doesn't drop further. I don't know whether it's because of the 2.6GHz cpu (although in idle, the power dissipation is supposed to be comparable to the previoius 2.0GHz I had), or to the Quadro 700Gogl I put in there - maybe the thermal pad on the gpu doesn't make good contact with the keyboard. I do know it's annoying.

What kind of temperatures are you other 8200/C840 owners seeing, and do you have any suggestions?

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Guest Per Øyvind <pkarlsen@mandriva

I'm having the exact same issues! :)

But now it's overupheating at even low temperatures making computer freeze all the time, I've crontabbed a job to run every minute to ensure that the fans runs at top temperature all the time.

The fan noise has annoyed me all the time, but this issue has only showed up once earlier, at that time I got it replaced (was nice though, they were all out of 1,8 ghz cpus, so I got a 2.2 ghz one :) , grrf!

I guess I have to go through this procedure having them replace it yet again :P

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What did you get replaced? The CPU?

It's not that bad for me as it seems for you - I don't have to set the fans manually, they run between slow and full depending on the load. So now idling, my temp is at about 52deg with slow fans. GPU temp is 61 though, so I suspect it might be the GPU preventing further cooldown...

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The aluminium you added was a waste you may as well have kep the original foil.

Your creating 2 air gaps to trap heat.

I assume the heat sink screws on with 4 screws ?

If so this should clamp the heat sink to the CPU.

Doesn't have to be super tight just enough to make contact with the CPU and force any air out between 2 surfaces.

Apply the compound very thinly (very very thinly)

Aply it with a razor blade to get an even spread.

Do not allow for any air pockets.

Air is your enemy and this is an insulator.

The P4-M 2.6Ghz is the fastest CPU and hence the hottest as well.

You may very well be stuck with the temps your getting.

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Actually, it works differently. Have a look at this thread:


to see the thermal assembly. There are no screws - instead it is clipped onto the CPU using a mechanism included in the CPU socket. Of course I did not add the aluminium between the thermal assembly and the CPU, that would be suicide :) I added it on top of the the thermal assembly, so it should not affect heat transfer at all. The only purpose was to increase pressure on the thermal assembly, because the whole assembly tended to move around if touched only lightly...

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Why didn't they use Velcro to keep the heatsink in place? :)

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Hi, been lurking on this board for years so here is a quick background on my system and setup. I've had my 8200 for over 4 years now with the Sharp UXGA screen. virtually everything except the screen and disk drives have been replaced. My mainboard died out a couple of months ago and I replaced it with a new one for $150. System currently is 2.4Ghz, 60GB 7200RPM Hitachi, Quadro 4 700 gogl @ 215/460MHz, 2.4GHz.

My fans never run at full speed unless the CPU sustains high usage, and that only occurs when I'm playing full screen video or playing video games which may bring the CPU up to 70C. Otherwise normal usage will only see both fans turn on at medium speed. When I replaced my CPU from a 1.6GHz -> 2.4GHz... I did absolutely nothing in regards to replacing the foil. I recommend against using thermal paste as its heat transfer capability is worse than the aluminum foil that comes on the heat plate. Also another poster posted that the heat pipe may go bad, rarely does it ever happen but it certainly can. Heat pipes contain liquid in them and are actually a pipe within a pipe. The heat from the CPU will evaporate the liquid allowing it to go to a gas phase and cool the processor down, the gas gets condensed back into liquid. If for some reason the heat pipe was manufactured inproperly allowing the liquid in the pipe to leak out or not flowing properly due to blockages (it is a pipe in pipe design), this can cause it to function inefficiently or ineffectively.

Also want to add that I'm using the 93.71 drivers with John's 84.xx inf. Works like a charm, plays the games I want to play such as Guild Wars and Civilization 4... heck it even plays Doom 3 at low resolutions in single player.

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