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Shared or Dedicated VRam?


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i recently purched an HP laptop, i was really looking for a good video card,

i was told that this machine has a good video card with 256mb (dedicated), but i read here and there that part of it is 128mb shared

i tried to look for a tool to analyze this but haven't found anything yet,

my video card is Geforce go 7400

does anyone know details? or lead me to a website has a tool to analyze my GPU

i need to make sure if it is not completely 256mb dedicated memory,, because i feel i have been mislead by the store

thank u

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can a shared (128mb shared + 128 dedicated) graphics card compete with 256mb dedicated graphics card?

and how does Ram increase will affect laptop performance for gaming

Can compete but looses every time...

Performance difference grows faster with bigger screens as you can fit more textures to the fastest possible memory, from where they can be fetched faster when needed than via the bus.

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