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Poor performance from the 6800 Ultra?


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I'm having some issues with my 6800 Ultra, in fact I'm downright dissapointed with what its been giving me.

Recently I started playing Darkstar One, parts of that were TOTALLY unplayable, I turned the textures settings down to medium, which looks hideous, this is without AA or anything really. And still in some fights, especially in cloudy space or asteroid fields, the frame rate still slows.

Also I started playing Company Of Heroes recently and on the DEFAULT settings (again no AA etc.), its still pretty choppy.

I'm using the 91.47 release of the drivers from this site, mainly because I saw that was the last version on the Nvidia site as well.

Would it really be worth updating to the newer ones on this site? Anyone think it would really help?

Feel free to slap me in my face here and tell me my system isn't as good as I think it is, but i'm SURE it's capable of more than this.



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Given the system requirements of the game and the fact that you are a tad lower... I would advise you to use a lower resolution than native one. The best option for you would be to use the same aspect ratio but with a smaller res... and use the driver to fit the screen with a fixed aspect ratio.

When the recommended is P4 3GHz with a desktop Geforce 6800 card it means that to feed a 1600 wide screen you'll need a CHUBBY 7900 GTX and macho mofo CPU.

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The default res, what I'v been playing it on, is 1152x864, theres only 2 below that. I've tried it on the lowest, 1024x640 (which I assume is the same aspect ratio, not sure), turning the textures back up to high and its still pretty shakey.

I'm only playing company of heroes on 1024x768, only one more resolution lower than that.

I think I might have put the size of screen wrong on my profile, is it the maximum capable resolution?

Sorry to be a technical rookie I know...


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Your maximum Windows resolution available thru the display setting is the native resolution of your screen. The resolution you are reporting seems strange to me... I'm used to 4/3 1600x1200 and 16/10 1680x1050...

Downscaled resolutions for gaming:
















In any case I advise you to set your display properties / settings / advanced / geforce / digital flat panel settings to Fixed aspect ration scaling. It will optimally fit your screen without distording the image.

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Okay, so my maximum res is: 1680x1050

So my aspect ratio is 16/10. Got it. Should that effect what Res I use in-games?

Okay I turned Fixed Aspect ratio on... things are a little brighter. I'll check it out on some games in a moment.



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You can use whatever resolution allowed by the game... the ones in 16/10 will fill the screens the ones in 4/3 will give black bars on left an right sides.

So the ideal is whatever 16/10 that gives decent frame rates.

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