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Nvidia GeForce Go 7200 / Dreamfall (Longest Journey)


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Hi everybody ! :)

Glad to see such a community has at last been created lol

I've been trying to make Dreamfall work on my laptop for two days and all this in vain!

Pavilion dv6022ea

AMD Turion 64x2 1,6Ghz

1024MO RAM

Nvidia GeForce Go 7200(256 MO shared)

WHen starting a new game everything gets blurred right after the loading screen....

I tried to update my card driver (the latest official driver provided by HP : 8498) and I installed the patch v1.03 for Dreamfall which is supposed to fix problems for Nvidia cards... Well it changed nothing lol

So I installed the game on a friend's computer and it worked, then I took the "save" directory from his computer to put it in mine. At last the game worked when using my friend's saves.

I thought I'd made it but my burst of joy soon got kicked down as I discovered that some of the environments of the game still got blurred after having been loaded. :(

For example the streets of Casablanca are fine but Reza's flat won't be screened correctly...

What can I do???... :)

All kind of help will be greatly appreciated


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well I've teste it already and it won't work any better than the other drivers lol....

Which driver should I keep??? the latest : 92.91 or the latest official one for my card : 86.02???


and if you happen to have other ideas to launch my game, feel free... :)


Give this 92.91 driver a try.
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Do you have the latest chipset drivers as well ?

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nVidia nForce chipset driver & Networking controller, version : 8.62 Rev. A, effective date : August 21, 2006

Is there a newer one I could try?

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