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Toshiba Satelite built in wifi help


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alright, so I got this laptop from my mom a few months ago, and I have a WiFiMAX which I use as a network card. However, I noticed a little switch on the right side of my laptop (Which is JUST a toshiba satelite, not a SE1400 or whatever it is), and its got a little picture of an antenna with wifi signals coming out. However, when I turn it on, nothing happens. No new hardware detected, no light (theres also a light by it), nothing in the Device Manager panel. Can someone please explain to me how to enable this? I am assuming that this is a built in wifi adapter.

(also, my friend needs to buy my wifi max from me as he just got his wifi router and cannot afford a card for $60)

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I'm not sure I understand... this switch is used to turn on/off the original internal WiFi module. If you have no internal WiFi module installed it will do nothing.

The thing you want to check is if there is a Wireless adapter in the network section of the Device manager. Even with the switch to off it should still appear there. The switch turns off the power of the external interface.

Toshiba like to put a cr@pload of apps to do simple stuff. Check that the Toshiba wireless manager or whatever it's name is installed.

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Also make sure in the BIOS the MiniPCI is enabled or the WIFI card (if it's installed) will be disabled.

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