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The right driver for Pro Evo soccer 4


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Hey there,

This is first of all an incredible website. Just what we need!

I have a question: the nvidia 6600 go 128MB graphics card IS that as good as a geforce 3 ??

I have tried to play PES4 but nothing happens. The minimum requirements is a Geforce 3 and recommended is a Geforce 4 Ti.

I have tried with the driver 79.7030 but that doesn't help.

Is there someway you can trick or tweak the Geforce 6600 go to perform better so I can play PES4??

Is there someway you can change the inf.file to make the Geforce 6600 go believe that is is somewhat better??

1,73 Ghz laptop Zitech (BMobile)

80GB harddisc

Geforce 6600 go 128 MB dedicated

1,5 Gb Ram


ForceWare: 79.70

// Martin Birch

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go6600 is about 3x faster than Go4 Ti4600 measured with 3DMark03 and the difference just grows with newer software. So it's your driver; about 82xx or newer should be good.

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Just found out on the gamebox that my graphicscard isn't mentioned. could that be true??(it's not that bad a graphicscard the 6600 go Geforce). I can play FIFA 07 and HL2 in high detail, then my graphicscard must be ok, right????

Is it possible to alter the settings in the inf.file so my graphicscard could run the PES4 game??

I have tried the 84.25 driver but could not install. So I'm back with 79.70.

Should I keep trying other drivers??

// Martin Birch

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The game makers rarely mention the compatibility with mobile GPUs.

Compatibility list of PES5:


NVIDIA - GeForce 6800, GeForce FX (5950, 5900, 5800, 5600, 5200), GeForce4 Ti, GeForce3

ATI - Radeon x800, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9500, 9200, 9000, 8500

This means that from real desktop GeForce 3 and up you should be able to play.

You can't assume compatibility from one vendor to another. If you can play Fifa 07 there are a lot of chances that you'll be able to run Fifa 06 PERIOD. Beyond that it's pure guessing.

Give 84.63 a try...

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Hey there,

Just tried the 84.63 driver with the mod inf. Nothing happens. When I double click the exe. icon, the dvd rom starts to spin, but nothing happens.

Should I try other drivers to see if that helps???

Thanx for your help so far,

// Martin

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Have you installed the game? Does it crashes when the game launches? Do you stay on the desktop?

It could be a problem of your DVD driver not reading the copy protection on the game.

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hey man,

When I try to launch the game it stays on the desktop. Nothing really happens.

Could it be because the dvd driver doesn't read the protection on the game?? And yes, I have installed the game :) .

Is there a way to get around the protection?? I have the original game. Bought and paid for.

Can there be a problem reading the protection ... and why doesn't that happen when I install the game???


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The protection can be checked at runtime or both install/runtime. You might want to contact Konami to check compatibility issues with them.

You might want to patch the game to version 1.10 to be sure it's not an old issue that got fixed since 1.0.

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You are fantastic. I found a patch file to upgrade it to 1.10 and it was a file that changed the original exe.fil so that it could run the dvd !!!!

You are a lifesaver...... and now my money ain't spent on nothing.

And by the way, thanx for the website. I have also gotten my drivers updated.


// Martin Birch

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Hey buddy... from my first post about the Gaming troubleshooting thread:

III.3) Apply game patches

A lot of games receive patches monthly... apply them. But also keep the updaters archived since sometimes patches do more arm than good. *pointing the finger in the general Battlefield 2 direction*

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