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Reformatting Toshiba P25-S526

Guest Eric

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Hello All!

First of all, I hope that I'm putting this in the right forum... Sorry if it isn't!

I would like to reformat my Toshiba Satellite (P25-S526) with original Windows XP discs. I've got the discs. I've got a legit license code. I've also tried this before...

The last time I attempted this, the USB ports on my computer suffered a strange malady: they would recognize a device only if it was plugged in when the laptop was started up. Plugging in a device after the computer was running was no use. I tried downloading various drivers from the Toshiba website to no avail.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has successfully done this with a Toshiba laptop (preferrably the same model as mine). If not, can you think of any solution(s) to the USB problem?



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A lot of USB2 based laptop require a specific driver AND Windows XP SP2 to work properly.

So you need to download and install the driver either from Toshiba or the chipset maker. (Intel, Ati, nVidia...)

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First goes BIOS Update. Then Clean Install. Then SP2, then Chipset driver. Then Graphic card. After that the rest of the drivers. Then applications.

I would also guess the Chipset driver is missing.

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