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Problems with External Widescreen and fx 5200


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I know there's already a few threads regarding problems with external monitors, but I've tried all the other suggestions and I'm stuck. Picked up an LG 204WT 20" display today, native resolution of 1680x1050. I'm trying to run it in dual display mode from my Inspiron 8600 with an Fx 5200, the notebook also has 1680x1050 display. I've installed the v84.25 drivers with the modified INF, but I still don't get 1680x1050 as a resolution option under Display Properties. If i try to set a custom resolution through the driver interface, it says it can't do it.

The weird thing is that if I use Powerstrip to set the custom resolution and reboot, I get into clone mode with 1680x1050 on both displays, so 1680x1050 obviously works, but apparently only in clone mode after I set a custom resolution in Powerstrip and reboot. If I try to change it to Dual Display mode then I again lose the ability to return to 1680x1050, until I go back into Powerstrip and set the custom resolution again. If I try to set clone mode through the nView Display Settings, the external display says it's out of range. 1680x1050 is always available as a resolution option for the notebook display, but never for the external display. If anyone has an idea what may be going on, your help would be greatly appreacited.


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Try to download then install the latest driver from Dell.

From this point add the external monitor. From the display settings switch the second monitor to desired resolution. While you are there, use your mouse to move the second monitor around to match your physical setup.

If the official driver 78.11 from Dell should work perfectly.

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