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We will DELETE all OFFTOPIC posts immediately, so don't even try it.


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As a matter of fact this forum section is spammed with posts about "need VISTA drivers", "Cannot install drivers", "Which driver to choose for Go XXXX" etc. etc.

Apparantly these people can not use their common sense and they doesn't care about standard forum guidelines. Although we literally have no guidelines, they still get violated :) The only thing to pay attention to is the name of the forum section where you gonna post. In this case it's called:

NVIDIA GPU powered Laptops

News about just released laptops | Laptop Upgrades | Technical Information (cabling/soldering/specific questions) | For Sale & Wanted

No word about drivers or driver issues!

Future posts beginning of today will not be moved to the appropiate forum, but get deleted :)

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Second try: all offtopic posts will be deleted instead of beeing moved. No exception.

I'm sick of reading offtopic posts about driver issues/questions in this forum.

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i think its the fact people miss this thread because there are so many stickies in this section.

not just this section but other sections has loadsss of stickies.

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They can miss this thread, but they should not miss the Forum's header before posting :)

It's not this difficult. This forum's header reads unmistakably it is about cabling, selling stuff and new laptops. Highly technical and modding laptop hardware.

No drivers.

And yes i agree tooo man stickies everywhere.

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i dont think they look at the forum topic they just start a topic where they can because its more conveniet

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