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graficscard not directx 9.0c compatible


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Hi all...

Sorry if this question has been asked before in this section, but i'm realy desperate.

SIMS2 does not run on my gf's laptop anymore... yes, it used to, but not anymore.

The darn thing crashed, so i had to reinstall it.

After reinstalling the laptop, i installed SIMS2... starting the games gives an error :

No directx 9.0c graficscard found....blablabla

Like i said, i DID work b4....

What has caused the problem, i dunno, and i don't care.. i just want to have the game running again on my gf's laptop..

( now she's using MY desktop, and it's annoying!!! :) )

So i did install the 84.21 , but i still get the same error...

The card my Packard Bell H5605A uses is a GeForce FX Go 5100...

what the hell is wrong with this laptop ?

ThnQz in advance


The Netherlands

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...You DO have 9.0c installed right?

ofcourse! like i said, it worked before..

there are a LOT of people with the same problem, not only as i see here in this forum, but also when you look at the SIMS 2 forum...

nobody can tell me what the solution to this problem is, even EA games said the same as everyone else:

1) buy a new card ( it's laptop d000hhh)

2) install 9.0c (yeah, like i didn't think of that)

3) reinstall the game (did that like a zillion times)

it did DID work!

so again i ask, what is the solution to this problem???




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