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HP ZD7000 GO5700 BSOD after "update" to XP SP2


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Hey guys. First MAD props for starting this site! We're not worthy! :)

I use my laptop for business. I'm not a gamer. Performance is not absolutely critical but what I have now is rediculous! I was doing fine running the latest driver from HP, then I installed SP2 for XP Pro (M$ no longer supports SP1). Started to blue screen (BSOD) every few minutes. Rolled the driver back and the BSOD stopped, but the performance is TERRIBLE. I can literally watch my screen paint when I change from one program to another. My Scottrade streaming quotes app is just stupid slow. I can't even imagine running a game on this thing. ok, <end rant>

All the details I know are in my profile description. The driver listed to the left is one I downloaded and installed from this site. Any suggestions that will lead me to a driver that a) won't crash my machine and :) works well, are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, I thought the driver version was in my profile. I'm running w/ a modded INF from this site.

UGH Just BSOD'd on so I did a rollback. HELP

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Try to completely uninstall the video driver... it will remove it from the issue equation. Install the SP2... check if it's stable with the default VGA driver. Then try to install the driver 67.66 (the one recommended for FX cards).

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