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tv stuck on 16-bit?

cool cheat

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For a while now i have been using my laptop's S-Video out capabilities to watch videos on my television.

All was working great up until a week ago where one day i connected my tv, and found out that the quality was degraded, you could see light / color levels which basically means it somehow got set on 16-bit colors.

Back at the time i was using a driver off the 80.xx series (don't remember which one exactly) and in an attempt to currect this error i tried updating my drivers to the new 90.xx series (95.97) but with no results.

I have tried contacting Nvidia's support but basically they told me that because I'm using a laptop i should "leave them alone" but with a nicer tone.

No matter what i try i cannot get my colors to change, as a matter of fact not on my laptop as well.

I tried lowering the color quality both on my television and my laptop yet i could not notice any visible changes.

Please try to help me as I'm pretty desperate here, i have no idea where to look for help and this forum might be my last option.

Right now i down-graded to the 87.25 drivers, I have an Acer TravelMate 4152LMiGF with a GeForce GO 6200, on a Windows XP SP2 home edition.

Also if needed i could supply pictures (not screenshots, they won't help) to show exactly how my problem looks.

Thanks for your time.

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So your laptop screen also seems to be at 16bit color, even though it is still set to 32bit?

Haven't heard of this issue before. :)

Does uninstalling your drivers then re-installing the one you were using work?

Did you update anything the day this happened? (wouldn't be surprised if an MS update broke it)

Could also be a hardware failure on your graphics card. Would be the strangest I have heard of though.

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No no, my laptop displays at 32 bit, i was just saying that i can't change either display, not my laptop (to display lower than 32 bit) nor my TV (the configuration utility says that its already set on 32 bit, and changing it to anything lower doesn't make any noticeable changes...)

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I don't even know how to describe this anymore as I'm not sure its actually displaying at 16-bit, but something else.

I have tried everything i could think of to solve this problem yet only ended up being more frustrated than i originally was.

I tried setting both laptop display and TV display to the lowest color quality and then restarting multiple times for the change to settle in, then changing the color quality back up with no effect, i even tried using different codecs which didn't help as well (the default was DivX-something i changed it to the FFDshow codec).

So, i have now included pictures of this problem to better describe my problem, as i have exhausted all my options and have no idea what to do next.

The pictures show the TV while playing a video file, using a 3 Mega pixel camera and a 1 mega pixel camera and can be viewed here

Please help! :)

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Have you tried uninstalling your driver, restarting and everything, then installing it again? Looks like that could be a overlay color settings issue possibly.

Anyway re-installing the driver should reset any settings that might be set strangely.

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Hey Bill,

that did not help, as soon as i restarted windows automatically installed a default driver who's version was

Yet i still continued installing the driver which i was using right before i uninstalled it and it didn't help. :'(

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