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Asus z81Sp GeForce 6800GO Ultra MXM T3


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I have an Asus z81sp. 3.2 GHz Pentium 4, 2 GB Corsair DDR2 533, 100GB 7200RPM Seagate Momentous. I powered on the laptop and the screen was blank! My first though was that the LCD went bad. However I hooked up an external monitor to the laptop and on power up, there is no POST! Where the default bios screens should be there is only scrambled hex characters. I hypothetically assume that the video card is bad, due to its inability to display text information from the bios, however could the bios itself be bad and still load the OS. After about 10 seconds of hex garble it starts the windows XP loading screens and boots successfully. Device manager shows no errors and everything is fine! SO is my video card bad? Or is it the Motherboard (BIOS), if the LCD was bad why would my screen be garbled? I have some pics of this I'll post after lunch.

If it is simply the video card where can I go to get a new one? Its a MXM Type III and the case on my Asus is very spacious. I've only found two places that talk about MXM. Here and http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/


Here is a pciture of it when it was working:(


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I took the laptop apart 1 more time to take some pictures of it, and what did I notice! The heatpipes that transfer from the P4 to the copper fan housing turned from gld to a light gray, flaking off a silver foil compund in the process. I noticed a small piece of foil on a ram module and another near the battery but could not think of where they came from. Now I know!

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are you sure you have a 6800 go Ultra, because i almost positive these only come with the 6800 go, im sure that probably has something to do with your problem if you or someone has put a different video card in.

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I totally missed this thread, I'm sorry :)

Obviously, I could set you up with a replacement card, but

1) Asus compatibility has not yet been verified.

2) This might be a bit of an expensive procedure only for the bootscreen, no?

Furthermore, have tried forcing a hardware reset yet? Amilo's reset completely if the power button is pushed for 15+ seconds with AC cord unplugged and battery removed. I assume the same can be achieved by removing the CMOS battery and waiting a bit. At least it was like that in the past, not sure about now :) You may want to hear around what the hardware reset procedure is for Asus if that doesn't work.

Please remember that you're doing this at your own risk!

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