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notebooks for about £700


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hey guys, im thinkin of getting a new notebook im lookin at the stuff for about 700 quid, so far the options are pretty limited for those not wanting acer and intel (bad experience with an acer intel put me off both companies for life) so im looking at three options, one has a geforce 256mb 6100, one has a geforce 256mb 7200 and the other has 128mb ati x1100, so far im kinda leaning towards the one with the 6100 but only because it is on a 17inch screen with a resolution of 1440x900 and the other two are smaller screens, but the main question is which card would have the most (struggles to contain laughter here) performance, i know these are all low end cards but the most demanding games i play are HL2, CS source and Quake 4, i know they wouldnt run them in native resolutions (especially the 17 incher) but which would give the smoothest performance, or if you know of any sites offering better cards in notebooks, links would be appreciated, although i point out that the other specs of the laptop need to be around turion dual core tl-50/52 and atleast 1gb ram, 80gb hdd mark cos i like to run a dual or triple boot system (xp pro, vista 32 bit, vista 64bit havent decided which to stick with going to be installing vista 64 tonight) i know that the x1100 is basically a re-badged 200 and that can run CS:S ok with omega drivers so really just interested if there is any difference between the 7200 and the 6100

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And for sure it has nothing to do with Benchmark and Overclocking.

To see the specifications of GPUs... visit the Recommended driver FAQ.

If you want support for Omega drivers... head over to Omega support forums. :)

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Ok yea i do kinda have issues with writing long sentences.

Point taken ¬_¬

Benchmark and overclocking? did it post it there? oopsie my bad

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