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So i've been searching for a while and can't seem to find any sites that sell just Notebook video cards for upgrades in the USA. Anyone have any suggestions?


Dell Latitude c840

Geforce4 440 go 64MB

256 RAM

1.6 P4

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You don't see websites that sell laptop video cards because:

1. Unless it's MXM (see here) laptop video cards aren't standardized and are vere dependent on the machine.

2. They're pretty expensive and the demand just isn't there in most cases.

You might want to try going to Dell support and asking around or look on ebay, though you really have to be careful what you buy.

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There are 3 cards better than the 440 go 64MB that will run in your system.

1st one is the Quadro4 500 GoGL, it is basically a Quadro version of the 440 go and is not worth your money unless you actually run CAD. (not any faster overall)

2nd Choice is the Radeon Mobility 9000, it is a little bit faster and has pixel shaders, but I wouldn't recommend any ATI card, especially with their very poor drivers.

Best choice for an upgrade is the Quadro4 700 GoGL 64 MB (part number 6x935), it is the fastest and has pixel shader 1.3 support. Problem is it also has the highest price by a pretty good margin. (sells for about $300 usually)

If you want something better you will have to try some crazy modification or just get a newer laptop.

You can either call Dell spare parts for the cards mentioned above, or look on Ebay.

You might have to call business spare parts for the Quadro cards and lie about what laptop you actually have. (need M50)

Here are 2 pages with useful info.



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