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Any new Inspiron insights?


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I have a new Inspiron E1505 with an X1300 HyperMemory. Is there any possibility at all that I could switch to a better nVidia card? Yes I searched the forum, but bumping threads from September didn't seem like the best way to start out here...

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First the MXM section is kinda offtopic since Dell are modular but not MXM.

Your laptop is known as the Inspiron 6400 and the best nVidia graphic card you can officially get is the GeForce 7300 Go. (Dell Inspiron 6400 download page) This Inspiron is an entry level one and it comes with entry level GPUs from either AMD or nVidia... and *cough* *cough* Intel.

Unless you can get your hands on a dirt cheap Dell GeForce 7300 Go module... it would be a not worth it risky business just for having a 7300.

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What about my friend's e1705? This article seems to indicate that the videocard in his laptop can be replaced with a better one, I found a 7800 Go on eBay actually...

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So why ask a question here about something you already have a solution to?

You should have asked the question: "Did anyone here tried this upgrade procedure?".

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