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csrss.exe cpu use on inspiron 8100 (440go)

Guest Allyn

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Over the years I've used the wonderful drivers available on this site with my inspiron 8100, which has a 440go out of an 8200 (i believe). Anyhow, I recently did a reinstall and went with what seemed to be the latest stable available (93.71). I noticed csrss.exe consuming a constant 10-15% cpu at idle, which seemed odd. I tried moving to 96.97, which did not correct the issue (not to mention it forces that yucky 'nvidia control panel' crap instead of the old reliable advanced display options panel). So, I rolled back to the version I used on the last install (67.03), and the cpu use problem went away.

So, now for the question: I'd like to run the most recent driver that will not cause these cpu usage problems. Does anyone know of any landmark changes to the driver structure that could be causing these issues (perhaps that new control panel?). I was hoping to get some feedback to guide me before I go downloading 20 different builds to try to figure out which is the newest non-cpu-eating version for this hardware. I'm willing to do some experimentation and report my findings back here, but I could use advice on a starting point.

Thanks in advance.


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Read the recommended driver FAQ... drivers past 6x.xx can give weird behaviours on old hardware.

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For my 460 Go i used 72.14 quite a while without any problems.

71.44 is recommended by Larry as well as 66.67

I see no reason why they should not work.

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