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GeForce 440 Go 64MB - 3D Mark Scores

Guest lax01

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45.24 vs 52.16 - [Clock Speeds -270/555] - Normal Operation Level

45.24 - 5662 - http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7144328

52.16 - 5380 - http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7144429

Tried to keep everything constant. Notice I am overclocked quite a bit.

52.16 suck. I am going back the 45.xx series.


System Configurations


My System  

Compared System  



Operating System:    Microsoft Windows XP        Microsoft Windows XP  


DirectX Version:                9.0                                           9.0  



Mobo Manufacturer:     Dell Computer          Dell Computer Corporation  


Mobo Model:               Inspiron 8200                      Inspiron 8200  


AGP Rates (Current/Available): 4x / 1x 2x 4x          4x / 1x 2x 4x  



CPU:              Intel Pentium 4 1694 MHz          Intel Pentium 4 1694 MHz  


FSB:                           256 MHz                                 256 MHz  


Memory:                       512 MB                                  512 MB  



Graphics Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go     NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go  


Driver Version:                     


Video Memory:               64 MB                                        64 MB  



Program Version:       3DMark2001 SE                       3DMark2001 SE  


Resolution:                 1024x768 32bit                        1024x768 32bit  


Texture Format:            Compressed                           Compressed  


FSAA:                              Disabled                                  Disabled  


Z-Buffer Depth:                  24bit                                          24bit  


Frame Buffer:                 Double                                         Double  


Rendering Pipeline:    D3D Pure Hardware T&L          D3D Hardware T&L  


Detailed Test Results

3DMark Score

(3D marks):                     5662                                          5380  




Game 1 - Car Chase - Low Detail

(FPS) 104.7  102.9  



Game 1 - Car Chase - High Detail

(FPS) 34.9  31.1  



Game 2 - Dragothic - Low Detail

(FPS) 107.2  98.5  



Game 2 - Dragothic - High Detail

(FPS) 48.6  45.6  



Game 3 - Lobby - Low Detail

(FPS) 99.0  97.9  



Game 3 - Lobby - High Detail

(FPS) 44.1  42.6  



Game 4 - Nature

(FPS)  No hardware support  No hardware support  


Fill Rate (Single-Texturing)

(MTexels/s) 532.2  532.2  



Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing)

(MTexels/s) 1014.3  1014.3  



High Polygon Count (1 light)

(MTriangels/s) 30.4  30.2  


High Polygon Count (8 lights)

(MTriangels/s) 6.5  6.4  


Environment Bump Mapping

(FPS)  No hardware support  No hardware support  



DOT3 Bump Mapping (FPS) 80.9  80.8  


Vertex Shader

(FPS) 33.1  41.3  

Pixel Shader (FPS)  No hardware support  No hardware support  



Advanced Pixel Shader (FPS)  No hardware support  No hardware support  


Point Sprite Speed (MSprites/s) 12.1  12.1  


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Hey, because I've noticed that you have a Inspiron8200, I am wondering, if those versions of the DET's you used, are compatible with the

Ultrasharp TFT @1600x1200.

Is that 45.24 working with it?

I have an GF440 GO 32mb, and the last one working was 43.45.

Manufacturer code of the TFT is SEC (Sandra interprets that as SeikoEpson). I have now read, that there are Sharp and Samsung, with the Samsung making more problems. Is that SEC a Samsung?

Thank you!


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Good news and Bad news,

Good news- you can get to 1600x1200 with 52.16 now the bad news the only other resolution is 640x480.

Good to know that 43.45 also works with Samsung (SEC in Sandra) Ultra Sharp UXGA screens.

There is a very odd EDID problem with the Samsung Panel.

It is either read wrong or misinterpreted. Either way only a very few drivers work.

I wouldn't getting hold of a Samsung US UXGA and having a play with it.

I reckon it is fixable.

A job for later.


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I guess I don't have the Samsung panel becuase mine has about 10 different resolutions you can set it to. I have never had a problem with the UXGA panel. I would call Dell and tell them to give you a refurbsihed Sharp panel...

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Thx for the input. Maybe I will try the 52s out someday, when I'll do a fresh install. Only 1600? Hm, I play all my games in native res, cannot

stand that interpolation on a tft.

Mate, how come they didn't use a function to extrapolate 800x600 by the

factor 2 and NOT use that filtering? That would use 4 px for its origin...

You would have a REAL solid 800x600 you could use for the newer games, which you would not even dare to set to 1600. hehe

Now that's a pity, but I realize it's a function of the monitor itself, and Nvidia can not do a thing about it...

well then, cu


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Guest tbblizzard

lax01 - I have almost the same setup as you and I am not hitting close to your 3D Mark scores...

Dell Inspiron 8200

1.6Ghz P4


GeForce4 440 Go 64MB

My average scoring was high 4,000's with 3DM2001 (this is not overclocking) and on 3DM2003 it was low 500's. I can't figure out why my systems video performance runs so slow and I'm wondering if overclocking will be a solution to this problem. Any suggestions?

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What's your results without overclocking, I'll add those to the list.

Best keep it fair on the rest, and any one with same video can see what the speed should be.

Tbblizzard, hopefully unoverclocked figures from Lax01 will answer your question.

Also make sure that every thing in the display properties are set to max and that nView is set to Single Display.


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Pieter, I will have to do more tests without over-clocking but I don't know when I will do that.

tbblizzard: How many processes do you have running? Do you have any extra background programs running? I have my card overclocked quite a bit and I leave it running 24/7 with absolutely no stability problems. I would try over-clocking a little bit and see if your scores come up a little. I know mine did.

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EngineNoO9, just compared my score (4944) with yours and although you beat me overall, there are certain areas where I out perform you.

I'm o/c core 270, mem 555. Using 53.03 drivers from MadToast and dx 9b. I guess your drivers must be much faster.


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Guest Copper Top

Just did my dell c840 2.2, 64 nvidia, 1gig ram, 5400 rpm drive.

Over Clock @ 275 and 550

Score 6194, this so far is the best i got useing 44.68, is there another that might work better?

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Copper Top try using 44.03 or 44.10.


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hey guys, I've tried a lot of drivers for a 440go, and I'm telling you, if you could dig up some old 40's, you'd be faster. I was running around 274/475 I believe and I pulled this one out


I know that pieter doesn't want to publish cause it's overclocked, but just to give you an idea, I tried the 44's, and I liked the 40's. 5875 is one heck of a score for a 32mb 440!

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Guest Pesticide

Heya any of you guys have a 8100 ?

i got a gf4 440 go thx to my uncle who has a 8200 and dell shipped a gf4go later on due to they only gave him a gf2 while he ordered a gf4 but he doesnt need it so i was able to use it and update my gf2 :)

i get around 4000 points

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