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Performance gain from 420 Go to 6150


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Hi all,

I just discovered this forum. I need some advise. I want to get a new notebook. Currently I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 2410 with Geforce 420 Go 32MB. It does ok for what I do, but the graphics chip is lacking when I play RFonline.

I'm thinking of getting a Compaq Presario V3134 which is an AMD Turion 64 with Geforce 6150 and share memory (64-256).

The question is how much performance gain would I see from this graphics chip, given I'm currently using 420 Go, and the new one is 6150 even though it uses shared memory. I've tight budget so, it is difficult for me to go with a 7300 Go based notebook (yeah I would be nice but then.. finacially ouch).

I don't intent to play the latest game on my notebook that is for sure... I have my desktop to do so. Mainly for work and the occassional MMORPG RFOnline and I don't run it on full details. 800x600 windowed mode.

So please advise. Would I see a jump in performance (noticable but not SPECTACULAR). Currently I can run RFonline, but it is like 5 frames a second :-D

Thanks all.



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I think it would be about the same performancewise, if not worse.

I keep seeing 3dmark01 scores of about 4200-4300 for the go420 and around 4000 for the 6150, but I can't find enough places with benchmarks for either one to be really sure. The 6150 would have much better support for newer games though.

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oh well... guess it is to go with the Asus A8J notebook then....

7300 Go is independent memory or shared?


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I think it's 128 dedicated with an extra 128 shared (turbocache).

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