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Missing GPU Temperature Monitoring and Overclocking Tab in the NV Control Panel


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Here's the official statement from NVIDIA about the outsourcing of those tabs/pages into their nTune OC tool:

Beginning with the Release 95 ForceWare graphics drivers, the NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings page no longer includes a page to monitor GPU temperature and overclock the GPU. To use these features, you must have NVIDIA nTune 5.05 or later installed.

nTune 5.05 has also been modified to work on all motherboards. It enables GPU overclocking and monitoring features on all motherboards, but exposes advanced motherboard overclocking and monitoring features on supported nForce motherboards. See the NVIDIA nTune User's Guide for further instructions on how to use NVIDIA Monitor for GPU temperature monitoring, and for more information on tuning your system.

nTune 5.05 is available for download HERE.
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Let me add a detail that might prevent a flood of questions...

nTune currently works only with Windows XP 32 and 64 bits. As in Vista is not supported yet.

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Ok, don't know if this is the most correct place to ask this but here it goes...

I have a Asus A6T with a Turion64 X2 1.6Ghz, 1Gb Ram, a Geforce 7600 Go, and i've have the 97.02 drivers and i've instaled nTune so i can monitor the temp of the geforce, and perhaps tune it, but now if i open the Nvidia Panel the notebook simply stops and i have to cold reboot it.

Do anyone know why ntune is crashing my notebook?


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I've had a similar problem, except that it's when I go to the NV monitor, the laptop just freezes, and same when I go to the mother board settings. =/ AMD Turion64 2.4ghz 2gb ram,7900GS SLi 2x512mb - can't remember the mobo but I think it's an nForce3? or something? Not sure, but it's an alienware m9700

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