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Problem with Acer Aspire 1525 WLMi

Guest Mikkel

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Im a having some severe problems with my Acer Aspire 1525 WLMi. I had been using the 82.10 frivers from this site for a good amount of time, and they were working fine. Then, a couple a weeks ago, my laptop started acting weird. Sometimes, after a reboot, the screen would not turn on, and I would have to do a reboot. This would sometime bring my screen back to life. Other times I had to press my quick keys to enable and disable external monitor, which also helped. This problem had not occured in the last few dyas, but now something else and more worse happened.

I was playing World of Warcraft when the game suddenly froze, music was still running. I was forced to do a reset, and afterwards when the laptop was just about to start windows (login screen), the screen would go black, and after a minute or so, I would get a BSOD (infinite loop).

Ive tried doing a new install of the drivers, both the suggested ones on this site, and the orignal ones supplied by acer. And nothing worked. The only way I can access windows, is to uninstall the graphics driver and not use any or start in safe mode/VGA mode. If I start to change some settings connected to the graphics card (in VGA mode), the screen goes black and I get BSOD.

Ive tried making the NERD files, and they can be found here.

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