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NVRotate? Pivoting a 2nd monitor help....


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Hello all,

This is my first post and I am very happy to have found this forum. I hope you can help...

I have a Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255 with the GeForce 4 420 card in it. Windows XP Home SP1.

I was looking to purchase a 2nd monitor and was going to get a widescreen with a native resolution of 1680x1050. I was going to use Portrait Display's Pivot Pro software to pivot this 2nd screen to portrait mode instead of the usual landscape mode, for use with some audio recording and composing software, it just helps to see things in that way.

(I am using an external audio interface and external firewire drive to do laptop audio recording)

Anyhow, I downloaded the pivot pro trialware, but it didnt seem to work for me on my laptop screen. So I am hoping that if I update the NVidia driver, it might work.

Also, when looking at widescreen monitors at the store, I saw a demonstration of a monitor pivoted in portrait mode and it was using what I think was called an NVidia NVRotate driver. ??? Pivoting the screens seemed to be handled directly by this driver.

Anyhow my question is whether you think if I update my current driver (the original one from 2002), will I be able to make use of a 2nd monitor in pivot mode? Currently I can add a 2nd monitor, but am unable to pivot it.

I saw the forum post here which details the different drivers to download, and it seems that for my card, some of the older ones are green, and some of the later ones are yellow. Well I just wanted to ask which one you think I should try.

Also do you think that all of this will considerably slow down my computer?

Thanks much,


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