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M90 & two monitors


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I have a M90. I can connected directly to the M90, two external dell 20" monitors. One to the VGA port and one to the DVI port. The VGA is the primary and the DVI is my secondary. I power up the M90 close the top and everything works fine. I have a two monitor system. When I dock the M90 into the docking station and power up the DVI monitor displays the Dell logo and windows loading. Then the monitors goes black. Windows boots. The VGA monitor display the primary desktop, but the DVI is black.

The nVidia sees both monitor, One analog and the other DVI. The control panel sees both monitors. I can ask the control panel to identify. The VGA shows the 1 the DVI is still black. I can drag a window to the black monitor and lose it. Is this a problem with the docking station? Should I be using a port replicator? I talked to Dell support and all I get is that two monitors are not supported and make sure all my drivers are the latest. Can anybody help? Thanks

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you havnt mentioned if the dvi from the dock works on its own, also are you using a dvi-vga convertor?

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When I first power on the system the DVI monitor displays the Dell logo and the the Windows booting. But when windows completes booting, my desktop comes on the VGA monitor and the DVI monitor goes black. This doesn't happen when undocked and directly connected. The DVI is direct DVI not DVI to VGA

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