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Fabrice Roux

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For quite sometime now... I got pretty bored at repeating over and over stuff that is covered by the FAQ. :P Since I'm not really good at repeating stuff over and over like school teachers do and that I believe the harder it hits you the more likely you'll remember it... I made an image serie like this one:


So willing not to leave anyone alone with no answer... I answered in a blunt post with no link to the FAQ so the user at the other side of the tube would manually look for the FAQ and find the answer on it's own. And in the end find the solution for it's issue... and hopefully discovered a wonderful way to find recurring answers. And if we are really lucky build a reflex that would lead them first to the FAQ.

Lately I thought about stepping down since the good times helping people were often toped by pointless exchanges of posts. Yesterday night a wise phrase from Kadir made me think over the night... I won't quote it since it was private around the subject "New idea to help with actually answering the "which driver?" questions". But he nailed it... I can't cope with it anymore and I'm not paid to help people.

This morning (at least for Europe) Kris and Pieter kindly reminded me that I snapped way to much lately. That was the threshold... I wish it occurred earlier or so I made a better New Year resolution of not helping people on internet forums. :)

From my huge bag of beliefs, I doubt that whatever the job you an replace everyone. So I really doubt that me stepping down will change a thing... another nerd will find it's way... and hopefully he won't be french. :)

It's time to say goodbye and wave...

ps: I just gained a couple of hours of free time everyday...

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This was very much not what I was hoping to accomplish!

I sincerely hope you`ll do us all a favor and stick around. Post less if you want, be more selective in the topics you reply to, leave it up to fresh members to point out the obvious but please: don`t leave. I don`t think I could handle the guilt trip :)

Take a brake if you want, but please return. I am part of a general electronics forum and on occasion I got tired of the same n00b questions over and over again but I realised I don`t need to reply to them...

And if you decide to really quit: thank you for everything you have done.


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Fabrice, I agree with others - you've been a great help here and I would hate to see you leave. I've backed off daily support for most of the same reasons you cite, but still jump in here and there when someone asks something interesting (or something non-trivial that I actually know the answer to). You might consider someting similar, but if you do decide to leave, please accept our thanks. I, for one, would really miss both your help and your great sense of humor!


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Since other one got deleted, I'll tell it again. Be here for good/long, don't fade away. Close your eyes and ignore them if you don't want to repeat yourself.

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"Other end of the tube" That just made my day!

Jokes aside, You should at least stay and help out; Not for us, not for the illiterate idiots, but for the people who really do need someone with a bit of experience to help them along.

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You know, no one is forcing you to respond to people whom may or may not search out the FAQs before posting to the forums. If it annoys you, just don't read the threads, let alone respond to them.

Just my two cents.

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It's not just that, it's when we answer and the poster gets all hostile and fumed because we couldn't answer the question the way he wanted such as this topic I did today: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=16594

It gets downright annoying having to deal with these wanna-be PC elitists who come in ask a question and then blow up at us because we couldn't help them. I seriously think we should turn off the Guest post option and make people register in order to post to stem the flood of unregistered users wasting our time.

We honestly need to enforce this because people aren't reading the FAQs, old posts, and topic redundancy is getting out of hand.

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