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Brightness issue


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Hi to all,

First I want to say,...,all the good things to this site

I do not know if I posted right I ask the administrator to move it where it should belong this post...to get as many answers is possible:

The problem is simple: my laptop is amilo 1556 is working on battery just fine then I conect the AC power and the brightness is getting lower. I tried power management, BIOS, video settings; start the laptop directly with AC plugged...same result. I have the laptop for 3 weeks till now was working just fine when was on battery was on low bright. and when AC on the bright was high...now is doing oposite.

Anyone knows why? Take in consideration that the laptop is working just fine in any case fifa 07, Need for speed carbon, Project snowblind etc

It is possible to make a bios update...with more configurable option because the standard bios that came the laptop with is ...so poor in configuration. :) :)

Thank you very much,


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The brightness settings for battery and A/C are stored seperately in your laptop's firmware. It's very possible you just have your A/C brightness set lower than your battery brightness. Your laptop should have hotkeys for brightness adjustment. Try increasing the brightness while attached to A/C, then reboot and see if the setting sticks.

If the setting isn't retained, then something is overwriting it when you reboot. Check to see if your BIOS has some kind of auto-update feature or auto-restore feature that might be causing the problem.

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Thank you for answer; so do you think is SW problem...

I am very very woried not to be a HW problem...I do not know maybe the power jack on my laptop damaged or something...

I will look for bios update or something...

Thanks again...I told to some friend about Nvidia driver crack (plastic explanation) everyone was wondered...great idea.

sincerly yours,


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