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From here on out this will be the permanent home of my INF for all Alienware mobility systems.


Operating Systems supported:

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Server 2003

Note: These drivers are currently only tested on Windows XP and may have variated results on Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. This driver is NOT for Windows XP x64 Edition.


Alienware Systems Supported:

ALX series

Aurora series

Area-51 series

MJ-12 series

These drivers are only for Nvidia Graphics chips and chipsets. This driver does not support ATi Radeon and Intel Extreme Graphics based solutions. Please see ATi and Intel for their respective drivers. This driver does support both Quadro and GeForce based solutions equally.


Driver based upon:

Nightly Build 97.92 released on 12/21/2006

Note: This driver is a 3rd party released driver and is therefore recommended only for people experiencing issues with current drivers released by their OEM. These drivers are not considered fully tested nor stable and issues with gaming and multimedia applications may arise. If you experience problems with this driver it is RECOMMENDED you revert to a previous driver edition released by the OEM. This driver does enable many control features not normally present in release status drivers.


Known Issues with this driver:

* The media player hangs when playing MPEG2 HD video clips using overlay in 1080i and then switching to full-screen mode. This issue does not occur in other HD modes or with VMR.

* Memory clock changes cannot be performed in multi-monitor mode. This issue does not apply to single-display mode.

* Battlefield 2: Corruption and flickering occur in the grass when video settings are set to High.

* Star Wars: Republic Commando: Application crashes when starting a new game.

* Tiger Woods 2006: Flickering shadows appear during gameplay.

* After switching from S-Video to Component format, the setting reverts back to S-Video on some HDTVs.

* Call of Juarez: Corrupted vertical shadows appear during gameplay.

* Switching from Vertical Span mode to Horizontal Span mode causes the NVIDIA Control Panel to crash.

* Running Direct3D applcations when in rotate mode results in corrupted 3D images.

* Company of Heroes, SLI: Screen corruption occurs when "Enhance the Application Setting" mode is set to 4x or 8x in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

* 3DMark 2005: Intermittent, horizontal, single-pixel width lines are drawn on the screen during CPU Test 1. This issue does not occur with VSync enabled.

* With SLI mode enabled, playing a DVD from Windows Media Player or PowerDVD on an HDTV at 480i or 480p causes the system to hang.

* The system boots with a blank display if the monitor is moved to the second GPU. To work around this issue, connect the monitor into the display connector that is closest to the motherboard, on the first GPU (the one closest to the CPU).

* Far Cry, SLI: Flickering and shifting sky occurs in the Research level when SLI is enabled. This issue does not occur with V-Sync enabled.

* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: The desktop becomes corrupted after exiting the game when the SLI split line is enabled. This issue does not occur when the SLI split line is disabled.

* Serious Sam 2, SLI: SLI split line does not show any scaling until a resolution change is made. Although the SLI split line is not moving, FRAPS still should show performance scaling.

* Playback fails on Cyberlink Blu-ray player through component-out HDTV at 720p and 1080i. 480p mode plays back with no issues.

* When setting HDTV mode at 1080p resolution, there is no TV display output. When connecting Composite PAL mode, there is noise on the display.

* Changes to the Flat Panel Scaling options are not saved when closing and reopening the NVIDIA Control Panel.

* Hitman Contracts: Corruption occurs at several places when the "Weather Details" High setting is selected from the game control panel.



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Whatever happened to your Ultimate INF topic in Software Tools, Utilities & Customized INFs section ..?

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Whatever happened to your Ultimate INF topic in Software Tools, Utilities & Customized INFs section ..?

Got pushed off last I saw. The only stickied one is my WAY outdated one from half a year ago.

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Then I suggest copying contents to stickied post by editing it instead of opening a new thread in each update. It has many references in driver threads.

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