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BSOD during Nvidia Video card drivers?


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I get a system halted blue screen when installing video drivers for my 7900gs video card in my e1705 laptop. I've tried several driver revisions for the last month or 2 and all of them do this.

Im not certain the video card is at fault but I'm not really sure how to tell what device is causing this.

The error is as follows: (on a BSOD type screen)

*** Hardware Malfunction

NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error

Call your hardware vendor for support

*** The system has halted ***

There is no other info on the error screen. It happens during the install of video drivers. The screen blanks out, and eventually this error shows up. I have not seen it happen at any other time.

I have formatted and reloaded the PC a few times, sometimes with XP sometimes with Vista RTM. It happens regardless of the OS and regardless of what version of video driers I use.

Any ideas on what is failing here?

p.s. the drivers do actually install and work after I force a reboot

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I assume you can install each OS okay, using the default drivers, and then you're trying to upgrade to one of the late 9x drivers or even the 100x series? If so, some machines are refusing to work with such upgrades, with exactly the results you're seeing. I think the installer activates the new driver before completely removing the old, resulting in a mixed-version installation and immediate crash.

The solution is to do a clean install rather than an upgrade. Go into the Windows Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs (or Vista's Programs) and uninstall the Nvidia Driver. When you reboot, the system will prompt you for a driver. Don't allow it to install anything automatically. Do a manual install and tell it you "have disk." Browse for the folder with the new driver and modded inf and you should be all set.

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Ill give that a shot when I get home. I know it happens if I am upgrading from the default MS driver to any Nvidia driver, or from a Nvidia driver to a new Nvidia driver.

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97.46 was released for the go7900GS E1705/i9400 today, no 64bit driver though.

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