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To the paint booth...

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Since I am not going to be getting a new laptop anytime soon I decided to freshen mine up a tad. I bought a crappy bamboo green quicksnap cover off ebay for $7 and am in the process of sanding it down. Today I picked up Shimrins Kandys paint from the makers of House of Kolor. First off will be a primer made for plastic which aides in base coat adhesion. Then onto colors...1st up is a Silver Base Coat, 2nd is the Tangerine color coat (looks like burnt orange), then 3rd a Clear Coat. If all goes well I am going to buy a new laptop base and paint all the blue trim on it to match. I can then save my base in case i ever want to go back to stock. I can pick one up for $30. I am thinking of adding some sort of graphics but am unsure what to do...any suggestions?

After the upgrade to the new Dothan 2.0 P-M I decided it needed a makeover. :)

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I'd like to see a picture of this piece of art.

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