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Idea for item to sell on MXM-Upgrade.com


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Hi Ice-Tea,

I'm currently living in the U.S. and I am having a very hard time finding a low-cost solution for a gaming notebook/laptop. My idea, like many others I know, is to get a budget Amilo notebook, and put a MXM upgrade card in it if needed. I found out this process is very complicated, doubly so if you live in the U.S. This is because it's VERY hard for me to get an Amilo notebook shipped here, they're not even sold locally. Alienware's are way too expensive/overpriced.

I noticed you made the Amilo laptop with an X1800 MXM for someone in one of your reviews. What about selling notebooks pre-upgraded for specific tasks such as mine, on mxm-upgrade.com? If it helps give you a scope of what I'm looking for in the market:

A notebook that meets the requirements of:

CPU: Decent, though not top of the line CPU.

Motherboard: A motherboard that allows for some control within the BIOS/software for fan speen, if possible. Not required.

RAM: 1GB or 2GB

Video Card: Something powerful if possible, such as an X1800 / 7900GS. A type III solution that can handle future cards, at least.

Screen: 15" or greater.

Noise/heat: As low as possible with regards to the above requirements. My desktop replacement is way too noisy. :)

Price: Between US $1000 - $1650

How feasible is this? I imagine the price point will be difficult although I'm not sure. Even $1500 is a bit expensive here, as notebooks go for as low as $850 often, but they're usually Dell/Gateway. For top of the line notebooks, they go for about $2000 - $2500.

I'd gladly order from MXM-Upgrade.com as you're doing the community a great service.

Any suggestions of what I should do?

Thanks greatly!

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I wouldn't even want to know the international shipping rates for a computer, fully insured and all... Everything here's being shipped out of Belgium.

Sounds like a good idea, but Ice-Tea is essentially doing this alone, from what I understand at least. Once you bring customizing PCs and reinstalling everything including drivers and the such, that's very time consuming. The guy has a life after all...

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Hi there,

Thank you for the kind words and the idea.

Thing is that I am currently just waaay too small. While MXM-Upgrade is an actual company, it is completely funded out of my own pocket. I hope to make money from it for the first time this month. And thing is I simply don`t have the cash handy to start something like that up anytime soon. Or at least not the way it is meant to be done. Sure, maybe I could buy some Amilo`s, sell them, whatever. But not in volumes that would allow a better price than AW and I would not even be able to guarantee a better service than AW!

That does not mean I don`t have any plans for the future, but turning MXM Upgrade into a notebook retailer is simply not high on the priority list..


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Hi Ice-Tea,

I understand. After posting it quickly came to me how much of a pain it would be to do "customer/technical support" for people with such a business. Especially when their warranty might be voided. So I can see this idea being scratched off the list easily.

I'm in the process of trying to find a Amilo with the specs of my original post. If I could buy one used and save some money, that would be great. But it is hard enough getting a new one in the U.S. :)

Keep up the great work Ice-Tea, and I hope your business turns profit more and more. :)

EDIT: Figured out AW is Alienware. :P

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shiping costs are about 200$ us with insurance. "This is because it's VERY hard for me to get an Amilo notebook shipped here" It's VERY hard to ship stuff from the us to europe. In portugal we allways pay +21% of the price

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